Are you ready to tap into the strategy and energy for having and holding $100k months? It doesn't matter if you are starting at $1k, $10k, $30k, $80k... there are levels to creating ease when it comes to calling in next levels of abundance and impact!


$100k Months With Ease - The 2 Hour Workshop Replay



After running an online company for over 4 years... I have consistently grown my income using simple, organic strategies.

When I first started, no one taught me how to actually HOLD next level income months...

The included $10k months, $30k months, $50k months...

I wanted to understand how people were ACTUALLY doing this. What is the break down? Where are you finding clients? How are you not burning out? How are you not freaking out that you are bringing in a yearly salary (or more) in ONE month?

You know I always keep it real with you, and now... I am about to pull the curtain all the way back and share all of the mindset tips, strategy, selling, confidence, and energetics that go into creating next level wealth and impact in your business.

In this 2 hour workshop, I am going to be breaking down all of my strategies, the mindset, the energy... everything regarding having and holding $100k months to build a MILLION dollar empire.

In this two hour experience, we go into:


 We are going to be talking about the strategies and systems I have put in place to support me in creating $100k months. This includes things like launching, selling, payment systems, and more. This is going to be a full insight on how I run my company, and how you can duplicate it and customize it to make it your own.



 We are going to be talking about the energetics of not just having and holding $100k months, but the energy of feeling like you are WORTHY to receive. We are going to be talking about the masculine and feminine dynamics of business, and how shifting your energy to be open to receiving this goes deeper than just asking and thinking... 


△ Q+A 

 There will be a Q+A session after the training is complete so that you can get hot seat coaching, and get your specific questions answered!



We are closing our 2 hour workshop with a Money Spell we will complete together.



Save your spot now, and you will get instant access to the replay now!

Hey! I'm Andrea Franco.

I’m an Intuitive Transformational Business Mentor for entrepreneurs, healers, and lightworkers to step into their soul’s true purpose.


I help you tap into your intuition and gifts while also giving you the actionable steps to achieve your financial and business goals. By guiding my clients to become an energetic match, they learn how to master calling in massive visibility, actual clarity on their soul's purpose, and limitless abundance and possibilities.

With my guidance, my clients, yes, have generated massive financial freedom but it goes so much deeper than that. They walk away with true healing. A renewed sense of personal power, and a deep connection to their intuition.

It’s time to go deeper than just the numbers game.

My clients are calling in things like double, triple, and even quadruple their income in just a few weeks of working together. We collapse the timeline. We make this easy by doing the real work together.

The work we do together is not surface level. When you fully commit to healing, and stepping into your next level, you unlock the ability to RECEIVE on the highest energetic level.

Three years ago, I was over $100k in debt.
My first full year in business, I had made $500k cash.
Today, I have made multiple millions in my coaching business.
Everything can change in a year.
You can change your money story.
You can change the way you use and protect your energy to give from a place of overflow rather than overwhelm.
You can find tools, support, modalities that support your ascension into the next level of your life and reality.
You can change the entire trajectory of your life.
Quantum leaping happens when you give the universe a full “Fuck Yes” to your next level.
This comes with an initiation. This comes with lessons, growth, shedding, celebrations and massive uplevels.

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