DATE: April 26th, 27th, and 28th. 

WHERE: Scottsdale, Arizona

When you step into this event, you're walking into your ascension. You're walking into a level of higher consciousness that you didn't even know was available.

You're walking into a place where you're ready to create limitless miracles in your life.

I remember what it was like to think that there was a cap on abundance, happiness, love, that there was a cap on pleasure.

That there was a standard way I had to run my life because society told me it had to be "normal".

I created this event so YOU can shatter every glass ceiling you’ve ever had.

You're going to walk away and know that you are the absolute vibration of miracles & nobody can stop you from having everything that you want.

The wealth, the money, the business, the love, and most importantly, the peace. You're going to walk away with the utmost emotional intelligence you have had in your life.

Nothing can fucking rock you. This is an invitation for you to tap into the woman who understands the highest wealth that you've ever imagined.

You're going to understand that money is something that can raise the vibration along with you; and a resource that you get to have a limitless amount of access to.

I am inviting impact driven leaders who want to circulate wealth and change the world.

I came here for a big fucking mission.
And if you came here for a big fucking mission too, I want you in my room.
When I tap into this 3 day experience it’s going to be something this industry has never seen before.
An event at a luxury resort with high-level support and an experience catered to change your entire life.
In this event, you will be tapping into higher consciousness so you can truly not just understand but see and feel that abundance is everywhere.
My mission is to awaken the female leaders in the world to their soul's truth.
I am SO in!
The Meant for Magic Event is for the woman looking to expand her leadership tools to show up as the most embodied, attuned version of herself.

This event is not just for entrepreneurs... IT is for ANY woman who’s a thought leader.


She is ready to get even more visible and create more confidence in her life and company.


This is for the woman looking to create more sisterhood, love, and genuine connection in her life.


It is for the woman looking for tools to skyrocket her income and create more wealth for generations to come.

She desires both structure and energy because, at this event, you are going to get both.


She is open minded to actually creating miracles in her life and having the willingness to throw everything away from society and the people around her who are playing small away for GOOD.


She is ready to clear her body of any trauma, limiting beliefs, or scarcity in any form.


At this event you will get clarity of exactly who you are, what you are doing in the world and how to execute it.


You will gain the tools and strategies for a solid 10 year business plan.


You will leave with a clear path, a clear vessel, and executable tools to take your business and income to the next level.


You will learn how time can be on your side, and not work against you.


Because time is not even real.


I have created millions of dollars working just hours a week, with a very structured schedule, and all of my successful women want to learn how they can do this too. At this event, you will learn how to manage your time, create more structure, and feel juicy about your day to day schedule because it works for you and your energy. 


I will be revealing the Unbecoming the Mind Method, where you will learn how to make your mind your best friend, and completely eliminate any thoughts that get in the way of your creating success.


Anyone who can master their mind, can master their life, wealth, and love. They can truly have deep happiness every single day.


So if you are ready to Unbecome your Mind, and manifest everything you have ever desired, join us.
I am SO in!


I am so excited to bring us together at an incredibly beautiful event space. You will be sent details after you join, but I will tell you this... get ready for a luxurious, energy charged stay in Scottsdale Arizona.

I chose Arizona and this resort because it is the perfect space for ascension. The location is a vortex, and gathering all together creates and amplification of us as one. This hotel has the vibration of unconditional love and I felt deep wealth codes downloaded here. I can not wait for you to experience it for yourself. This is something you have to feel and be at.


I'm so in - take me to the check out!




Ready to Create MORE

Fired Up

 In Your Soul's Full Truth & Potential

Connected to other sisters

& so much more 


We have speakers that will change your life & an event curated to tap you into your lioness era.

I am SO in!


DATE: April 26th, 27th, and 28th. WHERE: Scottsdale, Arizona




General admission includes: 
  • A 3 day ticket to the most transformative event this industry has ever seen
  • A new sisterhood you’ve been dreaming of
  • A dreamy event at the most luxurious boutique hotel in Arizona (it’s a vortex)
I'm IN!


Andrea Franco 

Andrea is an Intuitive Energy Alchemist & Wealth Activator.
She guides leaders, healers, & light workers to step into their personal power, magic and massive impact. 
She has created a multimillion empire in just under 3 years, and has helped women tap into their purpose, joy + scale from their first 6 figures to millions with ease and impact.
She is an intuitive, a healer, and a conduit for your ascension.
Andrea has hosted many in person retreats that have changed lives in so many ways. And now she’s ready to go bigger with a massive life changing 3 day event.
If you’ve seen her retreats. This is going to be even bigger and 10x more.

Our 3 days will be based on Andreas' modalities of:


This is for the woman ready to step into her leadership on a whole new level.
She is ready to become the CEO, and be able to truly facilitate her magic into the world by letting her gifts be VISIBLE.
This is for the woman looking to have duality in her body, mind, and soul.
She is ready to have and HOLD what she desires.  She is ready to truly become the woman with energy that radiates into every room she enters. This is embodiment.
This is for the woman ready to feel inspired, on fire, and entering her lioness era like never before... She is ready to become unleashed.
At this event you will design a new soul blueprint so you can expand your income and impact in ways you’d never have known possible …
So yes, you can work on money & business here. What we have planned will blow your mind.
But it’s EVEN MORE than this...
This is soul shifting work.
Come ready for Miracles.
I'm so in - take me to the check out!
I am SO in!
Limitless Wealth Opportunities 
We will be discussing how to create more income through visibility, content, and leadership skills that will leave you speechless. I have created multi-millions organically online, and I truly believe this gets to be easy.


Open your vessel to magic & release any interferences
We will be using breathwork, inner child healing, and somatic practices to completely remove all scarcity physically, mentally, and spiritually. This is an experience you have never felt in your life. Come ready to crack open.


Genuine Connection, Real Sisterhood, and Unconditional Love
If you haven't already, watch the testimonials on this page. Every single woman felt nothing but love when walking into the room with me. This is the place where you build lifelong friendships, connections and finally open yourself up to the sisterhood you have always wanted. For all the women who have felt like an outcast, this is the room you belong in. The women in this room are spiritual, and successful, and hold the energy and commitment of no judgment or gossip. Get ready to come into this room and be loved.


The 10 Year Business + Impact Plan
At this event, you will be creating a plan for the next 10 years in both your life and your business. This is why I call it a BUSINESS AND IMPACT plan. You will leave with clarity and tools to execute this with ease.


Having a Beautiful Schedule.
Creating a schedule that aligns with your energetic frequency but holds you accountable to your dreams is essential for success. Bringing in structure to create the most divine schedule for you will change your life here at this event.


Creating Duality between Structure and Flow.
Creating multiple millions only happened because I learned duality. I am so excited to teach every woman in this room how to dance between structure and flow and choose which is right for her at any given moment. No more judgment, no more "must do. We create the duality to create the success that actually feels good to you so you are not dreading the money you make. Money gets to feel juicy, your business should feel aligned, and your life gets to reflect that.


Emotional Intelligence & Neutrality
Being able to be neutral in all situations and respond instead of reacting will change everything in your life. A real flex is a regulated nervous system. This brings bliss into your business & relationships and allows you real peace daily


Law of Assumption
I will be sharing about how you are the creator of your reality. This is a powerful universal law that will be a TOOL for you to use the moment you start learning about it... get ready to watch your reality shift FAST - where you start taking massive ownership over your own internal power.


Masculine and Feminine Energy
I will be sharing about how to powerfully use both your feminine and masculine energy. There are ways for you to allow the energy to dance with one another, and know when it is time to use your masculine power, or when it is time to lean back and receive from your feminine.


Meant for Magic" Live Event is calling your name, and the magic begins when you say YES.
I am SO in!
I am SO in!

Venue Questions

The event will be at a luxury resort in Scottsdale, AZ!

Yes! There's a room block available at a very special price, the details will be revealed to you upon ticket purchase. The availability however is limited and available on first come, first serve basis.

You can fly into Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport.

Event Registration

Come prepared for an all day to night event. Full Immersion.

All VIP ticket holders will have the chance to ask questions at the VIP lunches! This is the ultimate way to maximize extra time with Andrea.

Yes, free parking is available for hotel guests.

VIP Ticket Holders will be provided with Lunch. For Regular Ticket Holders, there are restaurants on-site and restaurants near to use meal delivery services for lunch breaks to buy their own lunch.
You're not allowed to record the entire event, however you can take pictures and shoot video clips to share them on social media.
Yes, all ticket holders have their own Facebook Group to connect, and also find room-share opportunities.

There are no refunds for this event. If you are unable to attend, you will be able to transfer your ticket by April 8th. 

Other Questions

Absolutely not. Leaders are not only CEOS / entrepreneurs.  If you identify with being a woman ready to rise & ascend.  I want you in my room 

Yes, we have limited sponsorship opportunities as most of them have been grabbed up. Reach out to us at [email protected] for more information.


Save your spot now!
I am SO in!

Eli Wilde

Sales Expert. Creator of Wilde Influence and the top performing corporate trainer for Tony Robbins. $100M+ in Coaching Sales.

Mariko Frederick

Mariko Frederick is a visionary and spiritual healer who helps higher realm beings up level humanity by experiencing their unique soul assignment, light language and intergalactic gifts through her signature work Astral Therapy®️. 

Dr Libby Kemkaran

Business Mentor, Neurocoach and TEDx speaker. She is an Accredited Peak Performance consultant and qualified Flow Coach, creator of the award winning Tame Your Brain® methodology, the Big Cat Business Brain® profiling tool, and she coaches CEOs, leadership teams and individual solo entrepreneurs around the globe.

María Abramovich

Psychic Healer and Mentor
 She activates psychic gifts, propels timelines, and recodes your body for wealth and alignment.

Nicole Oden

Attorney and Legal Consultant. Nicole works with online service providers and digital product creators to protect their online businesses and brands legally with custom contracts and policies (or legal templates that they can customize for their unique businesses) and federal trademark registration.

Marina Bruni

Dr. Marina Bruni, International Business Lawyer, Contract Lawyer & Quantum Advisor, has 25+ years experience in high finance, advising big international firms, multinational corporations and tier one investment banks worldwide. She works with entrepreneurs, visionaries, intuitives and healers to protect and grow their businesses and empires — including with her bulletproof contracts and legal templates — in a way that is sustainable, fully aligned and in flow.

Shawna Poliziani

CEO of Wolves and Roses Creative. Graphic Designer and creator.

Nazie Spurrier

 LCPC - Licensed Psychotherapist & Dream Life Manifestation Coach

Nicole Diedrich

Paid Ad + Marketing Strategist 

Holly Allen

CEO of Ignite Shine Bright
Soul Awakening Mentor

Mallory Meyer

Leadership & Neurocoach + Fractional HR
CEO of White Wolf Reiki

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