Guiding leaders, healers & light workers to step into their power, magic and massive impact.

Meet Andrea Franco.

Andrea is an Intuitive Energy Alchemist & Wealth Activator.
She guides leaders, healers, & light workers to step into their personal power, magic and massive impact.

She has created a multimillion empire in just under 3 years, and has helped women tap into their purpose, joy + scale from their first 6 figures to millions with ease and impact.
She is an intuitive, a healer, and a conduit for your ascension.

In 2022, I have generated 
Multi-Millions in cash.

As a coach, I made six figures in my first year from completely organic social media marketing, without ever running a single ad.

I leaned into connections, my intuitive gifts, and showing up to serve. I’ve grown my Facebook group to over 9,500+ members, leaning in on cultivating a real community, and have watched these women create life-long soul connections in there as well.

In the past 3 years, I have generated over Multiple Millions in cash in my coaching business, and it wasn't by chance- it was by choice. I chose to heal. I chose to show up in FULL service and surrender. And I never wanted to do it alone, so I have devoted myself to guiding other healers, light-workers, and entrepreneurs to do the same- on their soul’s terms. My philosophy is that abundance is unlimited, and you deserve to feel fucking amazing while doing it.

It’s time to do business on your own terms. It's time to break the glass ceilings, and unleash your inner multiple 6 figure business owner and leader. 








“Every single session I have ever had with Andrea has paid off in massive ways and usually within the first HOUR.”

I was going to wait to make a post because it’s only been a little bit over 4 hours since I had my call with Andrea but I can’t wait. I will have to make another post soon as her magic keeps on giving over time…

My husband and I own a restaurant and 45 minutes after my session with Andrea ended, that little restaurant did more sales in 25 minutes than it has in a couple of hours! Not only that but we sold out of almost every menu item we have…

Every single session I have ever had with Andrea has paid off in massive ways and usually within the first HOUR!

The last session I had with her led to a $1,500 sale within the first hour, hiring a new employee within a week, and opening a brand new restaurant with only an idea within 6 months of that session!  

How is this possible?! What we have always believed is or isn’t possible is all an illusion. Andrea however is pure magic and allows dreams to come true! 

The price of her sessions are like throwing a coin into a wishing well, because it’s just a coin right? I don’t say that to downplay where anyone is financially, I say that because here again, most of what we feel about money is an illusion but Andrea is the one that is helping me break those chains in my mind and heart, therefore stepping me into more and more abundance! 

Money has been an amazing thing I have flowed into since meeting Andrea but oh there is so so much more than that….

I have said it before and will continue to say it but she has saved my life on multiple occasions and I mean literally. She shows up in my dreams as a protector and takes on the same role in this reality. 

She respects me and I respect her.  

She is an angel of the universe and her mission is only of the highest good. Those that truly know her know this deeply but meet her once and you can’t deny the light of the skies that pulses through her veins. 

Yeah money is amazing but I wouldn’t trade knowing her and being in her presence for all the riches in the world. 

I love you Andrea. Thank you for allowing me to see myself in you as you are the most beautiful mirror I have ever looked into. 


“Ever since working 1:1 with Andrea Franco I've stepped THE FK UP into a new power and energy.”

This hasn't been ANYTHING like my past mentors and I've invested over 150K in myself so I've seen what's out there.

I'm finally able to articulate POWERFULLY that I'm from a much higher realm. This isn't completely new—I even have a # 1 International best-selling book about this. What's new is the deep connection to bigger energies and the MASSIVE MASSIVE expansion of my own gifts. And I'm not shy anymore about the fact that I'm gifted AF. 

But like I said, this is different. Thanks to Andrea Franco I can now powerfully express who I am in this realm and that I'm here to help other light beings from the higher realms step into their soul assignment. 

I'm no longer shy about saying I take out ET implants that have kept my clients from their soul assignment, or that I help bring new intergalactic energy modialities into this realm.

I've shifted and moved at insane INTERGALACTIC LIGHT SPEED in less than 2 months with you Andrea. I popped out of nowhere into your DM's and was like "Hi, I'm here. LFG" And Andrea Franco didn't skip a beat. 

I love this journey we are on and I love you. 

You are here for the biggest earthly shift and impact in a million years and I'm here for all of it!!

I'm having the time of my life with you!!! 


“Working with Andrea has not only transformed my business but also my life.”

I think a lot of us look at mentors thinking the main goal is to make more money. And while she has completely helped me do that, that’s not why I wanted to get into Andrea’s space.

As I grow as a person, soul, and entrepreneur I want to be able to regulate my nervous system and ALSO be in complete knowing that I am going to accomplishes everything and more for my life. I will be a hundred millionaire one day, I will retire VERY early so that when I become a mom I have businesses I’ve built that are working for me passively and I will have ALL of this because of the help of Andrea.

Everything she has taught me, everything she instills in me, all her magic she gives to me. She sees me as that woman ALREADY because I am already her.

If you’re looking for a mentor that is going to get you to your highest self the fastest, she is the one for you.

If you’re looking for a mentor that will push you to love yourself and those around you more, she is the mentor for you.

If you’re looking for a mentor that can SEE what you find so hard to see, she is the one for you.

If you’re truly looking for a life changing experience she is it!

I no longer stress or worry when “bad” things happen, my body, nervous system, and mind are so at peace and I am scaling my business like crazy with women who are ready to change their life. All because I said YES!"


“Andrea's Meant for Magic Membership is absolute FIRE”

There is SO much value packed into this container. As someone who is just starting out in business, I’ve felt so supported by being a part of this membership. 

There are individuals in the group at all stages of business, and each one is growing and learning by implementing the tools, practices, knowledge, and wisdom that Andrea offers. 

This is a multi-dimensional experience: you get the spiritual support, the energetic clearing, the practical tools, the community vibes, and the business teaching to take tangible steps forward in your life and business. 

Andrea’s intuition is an amazing asset as she leads. She is sensitive to the needs of those in her groups and creates room to honor the energy that is showing up in a really beautiful way. 

Andrea is also very experienced, and her authority comes from the fact that she is actually living the things she teaches. Her integrity is both seen and felt every time she shows up, which is a huge deal. I’ve also found the other women that are a part of this group to be super supportive and lovely to connect with. 

If you’re looking to be IGNITED into your empowerment so that you can make tangible shifts forward in your life and business, this membership is an incredible investment!