Guiding Entrepreneurs, Leaders, and Heart-Centered Women to Massive Impact, Unfathomable Wealth, and Limitless Magic.
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Guiding Entrepreneurs, Leaders, and Heart-Centered Women to Massive Impact, Unfathomable Wealth, and Limitless Magic.
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Andrea is an Intuitive Energy Alchemist & Wealth Activator. She guides leaders, healers, & light workers to step into their personal power, magic and massive impact.

She has created a multimillion empire in just under 3 years, and has helped women tap into their purpose, joy + scale from their first 6 figures to millions with ease and impact.

She is an intuitive, a healer, and a conduit for your ascension.

“I invested $8k with Andrea and 30x'd my investment within 90 days...”

aka I banked $225k ($250k total but $25k went to team).

I was sitting here asking myself…

What is my thought process behind HOW I decide to invest in something?

Do I at ALL want to waste time trying to figure something out on my own? 

No. The thought of it makes me weary. My time is my most precious no. The cost of wasting time and getting it "wrong" is too high. No, thank you. 

What is the likelihood that investing in this coach and/or program will help me reach my dream outcome in the SHORTEST amount of time with the least amount of effort and sacrifice?

It's HIGH and basically GUARANTEED if I show up and do the work? Done. All in. Let's go. 

I used to be a stickler and say "well, if I'm investing X AMOUNT then I want X AMOUNT of time." 

I had it all wrong. 

My mindset is now the opposite. I want to invest high and get what I need in the LEAST amount of time.

I paid Andrea $8K for what was supposed to be a a FULL VIP day but I ended up leaving after 4 hours because I got what I needed. She was like "wait what? haha". I was like "we are good! I am happy. I'm off to go implement what I just learned." I made my investment back 30X over very quickly. 

Yep. I made $250K within 90 days of implementing what this biz witch downloaded. (of which $225K was profit) 

I'm all in. Always.


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Creating Millions

using the Law of Assumption

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“I've wanted to shout from the rooftops how life changing of an experience this has been"

“This retreat is where POWER MEETS POWER. Where an enduring sisterhood is created. This is where it all changes. 

What Andrea Franco created here isn’t describable in human language—which is why we all keep saying there are no words. 

I’ve been in this healing/coaching biz for the past 2 decades and I’ve never experienced anything remotely like this. And I’ve experienced a lot. I’ve ran retreats, I’ve attended many silent meditation retreats but this was definitely a special mind blowing experience. 

So I just wanted to say thank you to Andrea for curating this epic retreat, seeing my greatest potential and helping me STEP TF UP.”


“I've learned that staying in Andrea's energy keeps me growing & shifting in a massive way"

“Even just on paper, it was a no-brainer. The amount of content available in MFM is phenomenal for the price. I’ve learned that staying in Andrea’s energy keeps me growing and shifting in a massive way, and this allows me to do that constantly. There’s always something to look forward to, always something to learn and work on, and always replays to watch in between and I am CONSTANTLY growing. 

I am not even the same person I was before I stepped in because I am constantly being activated to be and step into the highest version of myself. I can’t even believe the value for the price, because it’s truly worth so much more than really any dollar amount.

MFM is a goldmine for anyone who wants radical change, growth and accountability, and to stay in Andrea’s magical fiery energy that truly activates your own."


“Working with Andrea Franco - I had no idea what I was in for..."

Some of you may resonate, I have struggled to find coaches/mentors who really get it, who are truly empowering, who can actually deliver strategy + energetic support while allowing me to feel safe, supported and SEEN. With Andrea, I got to be me, in fact she saw beyond that and has been pivotal in me recognising and acknowledging who I am and what I’m capable of.

Andrea is generous, she gives as much as she can and I am SO grateful for the quantum leaps in my business and confidence since I met her- growth has come so quickly and easily, it’s crazy!!

Thank you for your BIG heart, BIG love and BIG energy and for truly seeing me. For anyone curious, you will be stretched, you will get results. Just had the quickest and and easiest launch ever, I’m scaling my income each month and I can’t wait to celebrate my 100k months with you. It’s so close


“My experience with Andrea has been so incredible it's hard to put into words."

In 3 months Andrea completely revamped my business and brought it back to life.

But it goes beyond that.

Her heart, her energy, and her magic are what make her special. She sees the potential in people and empowers them to go for whatever it is they desire.

I’m so grateful she’s in my life and know this is only the beginning!

To the moon & beyond!


“If you have an opportunity to be in her frequency, make it happen."

 One morning a little over 6 months ago I received a download that suggested, or yelled that I book a 1:1 session with Andrea. I had been watching her posts, lives and even jumped into Post to Profit but didn’t connect for that 1:1 experience.

When that download came through though it was LOUD. I tried to push it off for like a week and they weren’t shutting down. I was working with a mentor and things had progressed as far as that mentor could take me. 

I gave in booked a sesh and signed up for my first 3 month. Within 2 weeks I had 8 new clients. You know she was working her magic and all but the earthbound guidance and knowledge flowed through with the channeling.

Fast forward to current times and here I am. Running a badass company, creating candles in my new candle company, (that she said I would and I doubted), and healing the collective in my power, confidence and intuition.


“I did one session with Andrea and damn, I have never felt more seen by any mentor in my life."

Everything exploded after that session and my decision to hire Andrea 1:1 for 3 months. $41k new sales within 2 weeks without launching. New customers coming out of nowhere. And most importantly, my magic has been activated.

I feel more powerful, grounded and have a deep understanding of how valuable my work is. I know, with her guidance and no BS, but loving approach to mentorship, it's only up from here.